RULES of posting replies


It may well be considered uncool to be able to write more than a couple of lines, and holders of such beliefs may tout it as “blogjack” if one gives a full reply, but here I will not tolerate “wise-arse” (read: retarded) one line “arguments”, such as “No, you’re wrong”.

Either politely explain your argument/objection etc, and elaborate a little, or don’t bother posting: I will delete moronic “I have the attention span and wit of a horse’s arse” posts on general principles. Well argued posts who contradict mine, I have no problem with. And don’t try posting a heap of links to make your argument for you. Idle swines will get nowhere! Black Dog is notoriously narky and does not suffer fools, but polite fools are acceptable. Keep it polite or don’t bother.


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